To RV or not to RV? That is my question…


Are you an Empty Nester and thinking about buying an RV? Traveling throughout the US and Canada is calling to my wanderlust nature.  There is so much to see and to explore!  I love the beach and want to see all of the natural wonders I can.

So many trips and quests come to mind… Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, Yosemite, Zion, Acadia, Rocky Mountains, Canada, Drive from the lower 48 to Alaska, Blue Ridge Mountains Pkwy, Nova Scotia, Yellowstone and of course, beaches everywhere on every coast.

My thinking is that a small RV might be a good way to do this.  I am looking for creature comforts and the ability to go explore nature’s tricky roads with ease as well as the ability to stop in small towns along the way and actually park my home away from home.



I stopped by Camping World in New Braunfels, TX to begin my investigation. Camping World claims to be the #1 RV dealer in the nation with over 130 Super Center locations.  To me that means that if I run into trouble I can get assistance, parts or service for my RV all over the US.  As a newbie, this is a very big thing!

Today I checked out 3 different Motorhomes…


Thor Axis is a new kind of motorhome called a RUV or Recreational Utility Vehicle.  It combines the good things about Class As and Class Cs.  They are all about 25ft in length so they have pretty good maneuverability but they still have the look and feel of a traditional Class A motorhome both inside and out.


Winnebago Spirit is a great entry level Class C coach. I like the model 22R which is about 24ft.  It is built on a Ford Chassis with a V10 engine.  There are some things that I particularly like about this type of small coach such as driver and passenger side doors and windows that open. And, as a new RVer these vehicles are going to drive more like our Ford F250 truck.  Inside its great and has all comforts of home.


Thor Freedom Elite is also a Class C motorhome.  This is the 22U and it’s 24.5ft long.  I also like the 22E floorpan which is similar. One of the benefits of Class C over Class As is that they are a little shorter than Class As and slightly smaller width.  This adds to parkability.  I am a foodie and love to try local cuisine and to check out little towns and big cities on our travels so an ability to easily park is very important to me.


We had fun cruising around and checking out RVs on a golf cart with our fantastic salesman Rick at Camping World!  It was a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday and learn about various types of motorhomes.  Its great to be an Empty Nester!   We have some good food for thought regarding which RV might be best for us.  I now have even more ideas and plans I want to make for lots of future adventures.

Checking out possible new and exciting RV roadtrips has become one of my new favorite pastimes.  Good Sam Club rates RV Resorts and Parks on a 10star point system for three criteria:  Facility, Restrooms and Appeal.  Camping World is also affiliated with Good Sam Club which is a great resource for RVers with all sorts of great benefits like Travel advice, Roadside Assistance, RV Warranties and RV Insurance.

Here are some web sites you might want to check out if RVing might be in your future too.   &

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