The Hippie~Dippie~Sleepy Little Village of Briarcliff Texas… Just Outside of Austin


Briarcliff is one of those sleepy little Texas villages, but with a twist… current population is somewhere around 1200ish and growing every day.  Folks here a fiercely independent free thinking Texans and wannabe Texans who have a definite live and let live attitude.  It is a hidden gem and located on Lake Travis in the Texas Hill Country.


Its beautiful here and hill country lake vistas can be seen around every corner…


My Los Angeles friend calls the Briarcliff entry, The Stonehenge of Texas.  It’s an artistic use of Marble Falls Pink Granite and just as creative as the people in the neighborhood.


The village is tucked away and you have to know how to find your way here…

The natural beauty in this part of the country is something very special.

Briarcliff is definitely doing its part to Keep Austin Weird…

A little village of Texas hippies who are fans of peace and love and MaryJane, weed and marijuana. This is their history past, present and I’m pretty sure future.

Willie Nelson discovered Briarliff in the 1970s and purchased his very own hilltop just outside of the grand entrance to Briarcliff.  He calls it LUCK Ranch and I have scored tickets to the famous LUCK Reunion later this month.  I am a very lucky girl and so excited!!!!!


Willie owns the Perdenales Golf Club … aka Willie Nelson Cut N’Putt in Briarcliff.  It’s a 9-Hole course with its own set of rules and it’s run by his golf pro, Fran Szal.

It’s a beautiful hill country golf course near the Pedernales River which is an offshoot of Lake Travis.  The views are amazing and the holes are marked with Texas Flags!


Some of my favorite Cut N’Putt rules:

  •  No more than 12 in your foursome
  • Gambling is forbidden, of course, unless your stuck or you need a legal deduction for charitable or educational expense
  • No bikinis, mini-skirts, skimpy see-through sexually exploitive attire allowed.  Except on women…

Willie bought the place in 1979 and houses his studio here along with several condos and homes where all sorts of friends, family and musicians can be found.  This is part of what makes for a great spirit in this community.

You never do know who you might bump into out here…

Poodle’s Hilltop Roadhouse is a Texas Landmark…

It is a fabulous Texas Dive Musical Roadhouse find! Located on Hwy 71 and the total experience.  It was owned at one time by Poodie, Randal “Poodie” Locke, who was Willie Nelson’s stage manager for 34 years and much loved by everyone.

He was absolutely wild.  I’ve heard stories of his bus being beyond crazy and that Willie’s tour busses identified as either Poodie’s Bus or Not Poodie’s Bus for fair warning…lol.  Sadly, he passed in 2009.  Sharon Burke is carrying on in his place and now proudly owns this incredible, historic & fun music venue.

Sharon posted this clip from her birthday party at Poodie’s Hillside Roadhouse a couple of weeks ago.  It is a peek inside of this incredible spot.  You really need to stop by and check this place out!

I love this little community with its own little personality and the people here are wonderful.

It is also a village on Lake Travis and has its own marina and restaurant on the lake.  You can boat up to their courtesy doc and climb up the stairs to the most fabulous view at Lighthouse on the Lake which just reopened this March.


There are all sorts of hidden and secret spots… Lots of little places that have been around forever and make up some of the history of this place.

Eat at Lee’s just outside of the famous Briarcliff entrance and across from the fire station on Bee Creek Road.  A local favorite with live music in the summer and homemade soup in the winter.


It’s All Good BBQ is on Hwy 71 in Spicewood and I absolutely love their revolver smoker! They also have the most wonderful smoked meats… yum!

The Little Country Diner is right next door on Hwy 71 and is also fabulous with a breakfast that can’t be beat!

It sounds like a trip to Briarcliff might need to go on your bucket list!

Thank you for visiting!

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