Lovely Lake Travis Texas…

Also known as “The Crown Jewel” of the Central Texas Highland Lakes ~ this crystal clear beautiful blue lake is located just outside of Austin, Texas. The lake is huge at 63.75 miles long with over 271 miles of shoreline. There is plenty to do and lots of places to have fun.

Parts of the lake are lively and a bit wild like Devils Cove where in the summer you might find a hundred boats tied together with loud music, bikini’s and maybe a little alcohol. Other parts of the lake are quiet, tranquil and naturally serene. And, in between, are the cruisers and the water skiers/wake boarders. This lake definitely has something for everyone.

Keeping things weird is a much loved identity of folks in this part of the world. It’s sort of Texas attitude with a little bit of Austin quirk and sparkle! There are all sorts of things to do right here on the lake from Hippie Hollow, an all Nude State Park Beach to 5-Star Restaurants with boat up docking privileges for diners. I love being able to just boat over and park on the water.  Its always a great adventure especially driving home at night with all the cool lake homes lit up or even better a full moon. Some of my own personal favorite spots which have fantastic lake food, great atmosphere and maybe some local live music are Shack 512,  Sundancer Griller,  Gnarley Gar and Ernie’s on the lake.



The thing I most like about the lake is boating with my hubby.  This is us out and about probably heading to Sundancers Grille for BOGO Gourmet Burger Tuesdays.  Last Tuesday,  the Chefs special was a Cordon Bleu Burger with ham, blue cheese and a mushroom wine gravy. Three of the four of us ordered it, loved it and gave it rave reviews,  I got my usual Hickory & Grilled Onion Burger.  It was delicious too.  I am a creature of habit … lol.


You can find all sorts of boats on the lake from beautiful Sailboats to big monster Baja’s and Poker Runs to Sport fishing tournaments and Bass boats to fancy Pontoon boats cruising along enjoying the day.  Also, there miles of great coves to explore by kayak or paddle board. The Hill Country views are incredible and everywhere you look. Texas is anything but flat here.

We are out on the lake in our trusty pontoon boat at least once or twice a week all year long!


It’s a rough life…

Come to Lake Travis and see for yourself why I love this place!

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