Sunday Brunch at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House .. A Perfectly Spooky October Activity

” The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ” is in an American Horror Film Classic first shown in theaters October 1, 1974.  The early 1900s Queen Anne Style Cottage farmhouse was originally located on Quick Hill Road in Round Rock, Texas and it was the primary filming location for this small budget film which now has an almost cult following.

They originally wanted to have a PG rating but were lucky to walk away with an R rating.  Many countries and theaters banned it as they felt it was too violent.  They were definitely ahead of their time for this type of slasher genre…


The story is about a group of friends on a quest to visit the grave and homestead one of their friends grandfathers when they happen upon a tricky gas station attendant and find their way to this old Texas farmhouse and discover a family of cannibals and ‘ Leatherface ‘.

Needless to say the homes’ furnishings made of animal skin and bones is about the least weird thing they encounter.


Watch out for ‘ Leatherface ‘ at the top of the stairs!!!!! This is truly a gruesomely bloody and terrifying film.  You will most definitely jump when you hear chainsaws buzzing in the future.

The house was dismantled and moved from Round Rock to its current location in Kingsland, Texas in 1998.  Now known as The Grand Central Cafe and Club Car Lounge, it was opened in 2012 by new owners with a vision of award winning fine dining and fabulous homemade food.  They have succeeded!

The Eggs Benedict Florentine is amazing and I have already stopped by for Sunday Brunch twice this month!  I am looking forward to trying some of their dinner entrees in the near future as well like the Grand Central Steak Oscar and Cajan Shrimp.


A wonderful surprise for sure, they are located just off of FM 1431 on King Street close to Lake LBJ in Kingsland, Texas.  Lake LBJ, also known as Lake Lyndon B Johnson, is one of the larger lakes in the chain of Highland Lakes in Central Texas.  It is beautiful!


Also, located on the grounds along with the Grand Central Cafe is The Antlers Inn a historic hotel, as well as quaint cabins and actual train cabooses that you can stay in.  The hotel also houses Kingsland Coffee with coffees, sweet treats and muffins.  The grounds really are lovely and they open to the public daily.  Of note, though, is that the main restaurant is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

It was a treat to stumble upon this hidden piece of Texas lore!  So glad we happened upon it.

You can find more info regarding the cafe and hotel at these sites:  and

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