It’s Officially Haunted! Relics Roadhouse in Sedona Arizona

Relics Restaurant & Roadhouse offers visitors fine dining and ghostly apparitions (officially confirmed as paranormal on Travel Channels, “The Dead Files”). It can be found in Sedona’s oldest continuously operated restaurant located at the ‘Historic Rainbows End’.  The original stone building dates back to the 1800s where it was used as a stagecoach stop and Military registration & recruiting center during WWI.

Since that time, the property has served many purposes.  Over 100 years ago it housed the Gibson Family Homestead/Restaurant and it was later used as a USO Dance Club during WWII.

The Lawson’s acquired the property in 1940 renaming it Rainbows End.  It became a favorite eating establishment, saloon and all around hangout for Western Movie Stars in the 1940s and 1950s, a Roller Rink in the 1950s and a Country Western Dancehall with the largest wooden dance floor in Northern Arizona  in the 1980s and 1990s.

Today it’s known as Sedona’s  oldest continuously running restaurant, Relics Restaurant & Roadhouse circa 1946.


Another claim to fame and fortune is that several scenes from the 1965 movie “The Rounders” were filmed here.  Many Westerns were filmed in Sedona during this era and Rainbows End was a favorite haunt for stars such as John Wayne, Glenn Ford, Henry Fonda, Mercedes McCambridge and Joan Crawford.  There has even been a catfight or two in the saloon.  You should never ask a lady her age don’t you know?


Rainbows End ~ Relics Restaurant & Roadhouse is definitely spirited by several presences.  One is Frank Gibson who originally homesteaded this property in the early 1900s and he watches over the restaurant.  Elizabeth is another ghost who makes appearances.  It is also thought to be a sacred spot for Native Americans and there are spirits from that time as well.

The Travel Channel visited with a team to investigate March/2016.  They were there for a week and brought in famed medium Amy Allan and retired former NYPD Homicide Detective Steve DiSchiavi to get to the truth.

Is the Rainbows End Relic truly haunted?


The answer is, Yes!  It has been confirmed by the experts.  Much of the paranormal activities have occurred in the Gibson Room and the Lawson Room.  Over the years, there have been hundreds of reports of apparitions, unexplained experiences of spirits brushing up against people and even flying cups in the kitchen.  The owners leave a reserved table set with antique Tiffany China especially for their spirited residents.  

It was confirmed as haunted through an official paranormal investigation and there were even some unexpected results regarding early Native American activity.  The Offering episode of “The Dead Files” aired Saturday, March 18th 2017 on Travel Channel (Season 7, Episode 13).

We had a nice steak dinner in the front room of the restaurant.  It was full of atmosphere and you could feel the spirits.  I think they just watch over the place and seem to like visitors.

I could feel the ghosts and I have some proof of my own that they might be watching.  Check out Jacob’s eyes.  I’m sure of it… someone was most  definitely watching us.

We had a fabulous meal and our very nice Irish waitress gave us a tour of the place and filled us in on some of its secrets after supper.

For more information about this intriguing place go to www,relics

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