Angel’s Icehouse a very cool Texas Roadhouse/Biker Bar/Family Fun Spot in Spicewood Texas…


Angel’s Icehouse is a ‘real’ Texas roadhouse and a favorite stop of locals and travelers alike.  In the hot old days, before refrigeration, an Icehouse was a local gathering spot where people would go to get their household ice and the best spot for local folks to visit and grab a cold beverage.  Angel’s is the real deal and founded by a couple of local gals in 2003.  Great food, great drink, great local live music and it’s a great place for families before 9pm and grownups after.


The icehouse opens its giant garage doors every day so the party can take place inside by the bar or spill out onto the heated/cooled patios and wrap around porch or outside to their gardens, overlooking the beautiful Texas Hill Country, with a fun playground and one of two stages where local bands set up every Friday and Saturday night.

The bar itself comes from Wichita Falls Texas and is rumored to have witnessed a robbery by Bonnie and Clyde in the 1800s.


Everyone is welcome … “even the fuzzy ones”.

I don’t know if they are referring to the fact that dogs are welcome and have their own menu or if they are talking about your favorite tattooed and bearded slightly or not so slightly crazy biker pals.


Historically, roadhouses were located along highways in rural areas on the outskirts of town and sometimes on the wrong side of the tracks.  They have also been know to have a bit of a rambunctious crowd and atmosphere.  That is definitely still true today, but they welcome little angels too…

Angel’s Icehouse is great fun for everyone! So, todays best roadhouses’ welcome families and four legged friends as well.  Out back, in the garden, there are giant Leggos on the stage until the band arrives and a fun playground for the kiddos.


They do have a few suggestions for acceptable little angel behavior …

Austin is known for their motto, ‘Keeping Austin Weird’ and that goes times two for the hill country village of Spicewood, Texas.  This is the land of Willie Nelson and free spirits are always welcome.

The mural on the wall as you enter the grounds showcases a Texas artist, Kerry Awn 2014, and his own particular view of Lake Travis.

As you would expect, this close to Austin, they have fabulous and somewhat eclectic live local music! And, of course, football is always on one of the many screens in the fall. This month Angel’s will feature several local bands like Huck Johnson& the Jackknives, Six Sons of a Gun and The Square Grooves.  The music varies from blues/swing/surf to country to classic rock.


This sign is an original 1950s red porcelain neon sign from Pasadena, Texas owned by the Angel family for their local catering business.  There is a very angelic story that goes with this sign.

As told by Angel’s…


“Our favorite is from a trucker who pulled over to tell his story.  He said he was eating at the original Angel’s when he was a boy and that he was beginning to choke when a little girl gave him the Heimlich. He felt all the time that she had saved his life… When he drove by here in his truck many years later, he recounted the story that had changed his life so much to his wife.  In disbelief, she put her hand on his arm and said, “Baby, that was me!”  Their story gave us chills and there are so many wonderful stories here that one thing’s for sure – if you ask us if WE believe in Angels?  The answer is ABSOLUTELY ”

For more information about Angel’s Icehouse go to

Or, just stop on by Angel’s at:     21815 State Hwy 71 West – Spicewood, TX 78669

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